Active Reports 15

So… a little recommendation here…

If you utilize Visual Studio 2015… and Active Reports… and are upgrading to the lastest version of AR… DO NOT… I repeat… DO NOT… allow it to try and sync AR15 into VS2015. You will be in for a world of headaches.

Applications that have been managed and edited in VS2015 for years suddenly generate a newtonsoft.json.dll cannot load error when simply trying to open them in VS2015. Trying to access NuGet Package Manager throws a System exception about it not existing. And there were numerous other anomolies in VS2015 following the installation of AR15.

Currently running a VS2015 REPAIR hoping that may fix whatever damage AR15 did.

Looking in my VS2019, it doesn’t appear to have the same corruption, but it did not fully integrate AR15 into the toolbox either. Seriously… if you don’t know what you are doing… DON’T.